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Feeling Magazine (03/2013)

Rietveld Minimal Surface in Inventario '06 Bookzine (03/2013)

Steps Magazine (02/2013)
via Design In Belgium

Article in Made In Character (02/2013)

C-Bench and C-Stone in Garden's Quintessence (10/2012)
An exceptional monograph of Jan Joris,
Garden and landscape architecture, throughout the four seasons.
ISBN 13: 9789089441102 ISBN 10: 9089441107

C-Bench and C-Stone @ Paris Design Week (09/2012)

Batoidea @ ITM Poland 2012 (06/2012)

Living Outdoor Magazine (05/2012)

JEC Magazine (Issue 72, April-May 2012)

Batoidea @ Indian Architecture Magazine

Batoidea in Bo Bedre (03/2012)

Batoidea in LUXE Interiors + Design (01/2012)

Paint(H)ings Exposition Bree 13/01/2012

Organic Dwelling article in MDW Interni (11/2011)

C-Stone in MaXLife Lifestyle 13 (11/2011)

Organic Dwelling - Moscow Design Week (Oct-Nov 2011)

C-Bench @ Chic Art Fair Paris (10/2011)

Mini C-Bench @ BMW (Internal Event 09/2011)

C-Bench in AD Collector 2011 (September 2011)

Batoidea @ Interni Magazine 613 (July 25, 2011)

C-Stone & C-Bench in Fabricate-Book London (15-16 April 2011)

C-Stone and C-Bench in Fabricate: Making Digital Architecture - 2011 book.
ISBN 978-1-926724-09-6

Mini C-Bench goes BMW (Internal event @ BMW facilities in Munich)

C-Bench UPS-ed to Nike HQ Portland (Internal event @ NIKE HQ)

Shelly Chair & C-Bench in Design and Design (Awarded)

C-Stone in Burgbad Katalog 2011

C-Bench in AD numéro 100 (05/2011)

C-Bench in Playboy Slovenia (02/2011)

C-Stone & C-Bench in Belgian Knack Weekend magazine (26/10/2010)

morphs.be @ blooom.de (10/2010)

Azure Magazine (07/2010)

Featured in section "Public outdoor furniture that's beautiful and built to last",
Print Only, no online copies

C-Stone & C-Bench in Garden Design Journal (06/2010)

Rob Cassey describes the C-Stone and C-Bench as "Calligraphy in 3D"
Print Only, no online copies

imm cologne (01/2009)

Simply Rhino (Lecture in London) (09/2008)

AEC Magazine : Best Seat In the House (02/2008)


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